A map not a tracing

I am pleased to announce that alongside the launch of my first-ever website, I will also be contributing regularly to a blog within its pages.  The principle purpose of the writing that you will find here is an exploration of all of the ideas that are compelling to me as I constantly seek to intensify my understanding of Classical Chinese medicine.  I can say unequivocally that my effort to excavate principles from the classical texts, investigate and extend the implications of what I perceive there, and then take those insights seriously, has developed into the core of my work.  I then seek to interrogate and test those ideas through wide-ranging reading and study, and find new, sometimes idiosyncratic, but always animated connections and nodes across a broad range of disciplines and fields of study.  I intend to post regularly, and to bring these pages to life.  And you can also join into the process by signing up for the newsletter, and the book review and synopsis pages.  

Thanks for stoppin'