Some thoughts on the Hun and Po

"Life is known by its roots in the world of spirits, and by what is nearest to the spirits...the spiritual, psychic, intellectual, mental and emotional world" (Larré, 14).  

The Argument- from Ling Shu Chapter 8:

Virtue->Breaths->Essences->Spirits: this sequences establishes two trajectories.  One is Yang to Yin, transforming to Yin to Yang.  The other is: One (Heaven/Virtue), Two (HeavenEarth, Qi), Three (Essence), Ten Thousand Things (Spirits).  


It is clear that the unfolding of these lines describes the manifestation of a human being.  What also occurs to me is that the same dynamic applies to how a single thought becomes manifest.  And also that the development of any condition ("pathology") could be described in a similar light: even something as innocuous as a physical trauma or an external environmental influence.  All of it thus derives from a form of fixed idea.  An injury is a physically fixed idea.  And if this is the case, then one can identify that specific place, and essentially unwind the very tissue itself back into a state where the process-arising-out-of and disappearing-back-into can be enacted anew as a manifestation of the freely flowing creative movement of Heaven instantiated in form.